Legal cannabis in Canada

We are working on the launch of a leading Canadian cannabis brand following the legalisation of medical and recreational cannabis use.

Cannabis Information

In 2018 it became legal for all adult Canadians to consume cannabis, although each province has its own rules about age limits, where cannabis can be bought, how much each person can possess and whether they can grow cannabis plants at home. O Cannabis is currently an information site about the Canadian cannabis market, both for medical cannabis and recreational cannabis users.

Market and Consumption

According to Health Canada, currently around 1,900 kilos of dried cannabis (what we would call cannabis leaf) and 2,100 kilos of cannabis oil are sold every month in Canada and growers have stocks of around 25,000 kilos of dried cannabis and 6,000 kilos of cannabis oil.

Price in Canada

Currently in the black market, cannabis sells for between $185 and $215 an ounce in Canada, so you would assume levels will be set slightly higher than that so as not to encourage a massive increase in cannabis use but not so high that it allows a black market to continue to thrive.

Medical Cannabis

Across Canada there are more than 201,000 registered medical cannabis users but the recreational levels are much higher, with Deloitte estimating that 22% of Canadian adults classify themselves as cannabis users and 6.5% consuming cannabis every day.

Our Brand

We have plans to supply Ontario cannabis, Quebec cannabis and British Columbia cannabis through their provincial monopoly outlets and via retail outlets in provinces where cannabis dispensaries are permitted, such as Alberta cannabis . O Cannabis will have indica and sativa versions of our cannabis and some hybrid strains to match your mood. Whether you want to smoke a cannabis joint, cannabis vape or have some cannabis edibles, O Cannabis is the premier brand of Canadian cannabis for you..


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